Soul Mate Training Level 1 29.1 – 3.2. 2013, Czech Republic

01.09.2012 21:07

Soul Mate Training

with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Suta 
LEVEL 1 – Intimacy

29.1 – 3.2. 2013, Czech Republic

Give you and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship. Discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy.

  Level 1 – Intimacy: 6 days

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality. For more informations follow this link.

Information about the accomodation and food

We will be serving a good quality vegan food.

Each couple will be accomodated in their own room. Majority of the couples will have their own bathroom and shower too. The exact location will be confirmed by the end of September 2012. We are currently searching for the best location that would ensure for everybody to have their own room and shower.

Most likely its will be in a hotel 2-3 hours drive by bus or train from Prague. We will provide you with detailed description on how to get to the venue.

Information about registration and price

The price of the course depends on when do you book you place. The teachers and organisors fee for the 6 days workshop with 2 master tantra teachers is:

  1. Booking by 15.9.2012 – 12 900 CZK (6450 CZK per person) – approx 516 Euros for both (note: 25 CZK = 1 Euro)
  2. Booking by 30.11.2012 – 14 000 CZK (7 000 CZK per person) – approx 560 Euros for both
  3. Booking after 30.11.2012 – 15 000 CZK (7 500 CZK per person) – approx 600 Euros for both

The price for the food and accomodation is 650,- CZK per day/person – so in total for a couple it is 6500,- CZK (approx. 260 euros)

So the total price for both of you including the teachers fee, food and accomodation is: 19400 CZK (776 euros) or 20500 CZK (820 euros) or 21 500 CZK (860 euros) depending on your time of booking.

The price for the course and food and accomodation is payable in CASH in CZECH KORUNY (CZK) upon arrival Apologies for not accepting credit card nor cheque payments. 

How to book?

1. Send and email to – subject of the email –„SARITA BOOKING“  

  • Please Include this information in the email: 
  • Information about yourself and your partner: (your name, surname, address, email address, mobile number)

Any other important information we should be aware of (food allergies etc.)

2. Based on this email if there are still spaces available – you will be asked to send your deposit payment. Please send a deposit of 5000 CZK or 200 euros to this account:

Account number: 2000183918/2010 
Account owner: Peter Koncula 
IBAN: CZ1720100000002000183918

Please be adviced that this deposit is non refundable. By sending the deposit you are agreeing to this condition. 

Upon receiving your deposit we will guarantee you your place at the course.

The spaces at this course are strictly limited.

Contact information

In case of any further information required please do not hesitate to contact

Anet & Peter: 

Email:, Mobile: 00420 723 590 119